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"Not a mix tape. Not a DJ album. Not a beats album. It's the album."

J Rocc's debut producer album in 2011 was a big deal for Stones Throw, so we went all out with deluxe LP and CD formats. Each package also contained a “mystery disc” of additional music by J Rocc. There are three mystery discs in rotation, only one per album. No track list were ever published and there were no markings on the record or CD packages to distinguish the different mystery discs. Artwork by Gustavo Eandi & Jeff Jank. Photos: Some Cold Rock Stuf

VINYL – SOLD OUT: 2/LP album + mystery LP, poster, stickers
CD – SOLD OUT: Album + mystery disc, 12-panel digipack
DIGITAL: the 12-track album

1. Rocchead's Delight
2. Don't Sell Your Dream (Tonight)
3. Stay Fresh
4. Stop Trying
5. Thru The Tulips
6. Party
7. Chasing The Sun
8. Play This (Also)
9. Malcolm Was Here (Part 1+2)
10. Take Me Away
11. Too Many Clowns
12. The Truth