Play This (One)

Play This (One)

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The World Famous Beat Junkies debut on Stones Throw: Two mega-mixes done in classic Double Dee and Steinski/DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist fashion.

A1: Play This (One), A2: Play This Bonus Beats
B1: Junkie’s Pick, B2: Kashmere Bonus Beats

“Play This (One)” builds playfully from a rumbling beginning to an energetic crescendo over nearly six minutes of funk “Junkie’s Pick” (J.Rocc’s ode to Cut Chemist’s “Bunky’s Pick”) cribs liberally from The Funky 16 Corners compilation.

Cover photo by B+, modeled by PB Wolf, J Rocc, Egon, Madlib, and Jeff Jank. Four tracks, total running time 20 mins. The vinyl is out of print.