One Beer (Drunk Version)

One Beer (Drunk Version)

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"One Beer (Drunk Version)" is a remix created by Madlib at some point in late 2003 in an attempt to made the song work for Madvillain's album Madvillainy.  The original version of "One Beer" was not used due to the beat being taken for another project, and this remix was just deemed too weird. And then it went missing ... missing somewhere in Madlib's chaotic studio.

We found the track on scratched-up CD caked with stains from who-knows-what in a trash pile left when Madlib moved studios in 2005. It may have been too strange for the album, but it was also too strange not to be heard. 

It was included on this single only, released together with the box-set version of Madvillainy 2. This is a one-sided record containing only this one song.

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