Live at the World Stage

Live at the World Stage

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Live at The World Stage, recorded Friday, October 20, 2017

“This Music was improvised. We set an intention, talked through a few things and connected. I wrote
the poem "Fire, Spirit Fire" earlier that day. Thank you so much for listening!” – Carlos

The cassette is also available in a bundle with Carlos Niño & Friends - Going Home LP

Listen: Live at the World Stage

A1. Garden Of Bells (7:41)
A2. Connection 1 (5:21)
A3. Connection 2 (8:08)
A4. Connection 3 (7:55)
B1. Connection 4 (8:38)
B2. Connection 5 (3:51)
B3. Interlude (2:08)
B4. Fire, Spirit Fire (12:01)